Kayla Marie Hillier

Info: Kayla likes to travel. She is your protagonist. Actually, would you refer to your main character as a protagonist when it’s an autobiographical story? I guess so. Kayla likes to travel. She is definitely your protagonist.

Likes: Faber Castell Brush Pitt Pens, chai tea lattes, Adam “Hotwell” Cadwell, delicious books, cheese, chocolate, tiny independently owned cafes, travel, small cars although she has no intention of driving, dogs, bands that come from Scotland, sound effects.

Dislikes: Having to talk for no reason- this includes inane questions and repeating oneself over and over. Those yo-yo dog leashes, the smell of moth balls, non-directness.

Julia Scheele

Info: Incredible artist whose work can be found here. Good friend to Kayla Marie, loaned her a couch to sleep on in London for many-a-week.

Likes: Comics, sleep, drawing strong and sexy ladies. Activism through art. Music taste: Somewhere between and including high camp, industrial goth from the 80s, and shouty radical grrl bands (I love you, Kathleen Hanna). Will sometimes eat blocks of cheese straight out of the fridge, especially if there was wine or beer involved at some point prior to that.

Dislikes: Lack of empathy.

Adam Cadwell

Info: Cheeky bloke who likes kisses- he’s also a very talented artist whose work can be seen here. Lover to Kayla Marie invited her to stay for the last leg of her trip at his place in Manchester.

Likes: Vimto, Kayla, Lego- specifically mini figures, kissing, Marc Ellerby, comics, white beer, vampires

Dislikes: Coffee, mushrooms, Ashton Kutcher, jellyfish.

Sarah Gordon

Info: Fantastic lady with a knack for giving good advice- also an artist extraordinaire, you can see her work here. Also Julia’s roommate thus she allowed me to sleep on her couch as well.

Likes: Not being on fire.

Dislikes: Being on fire.

Tom Humberstone

Info: Music loving friend and also talented artist. His work can be seen here.

Likes: Oreo Cheesecake, Comics, Miserable Scottish Music, Procrastination

Dislikes: A room full of people staring at smart phones, Writing lists of my dislikes

Mark Higgins

Info: Fantastic friend and laugh creator- his music minded ramblings can be found here.

Likes: tea, songs with pauses/handclaps, anything described as turbo

Dislikes: mushrooms, unclean glasses, wasps

Jamie McKelvie

Info: A lovely fellow who draws pretty ladies. You can see his work here. He was also kind enough to lend me his couch on several occasions.

Likes: coming soon!

Dislikes: coming soon!

Chris Madden

Info: Old roommate of Adam- and extremely open and silly friend to Kayla. You can listen to his film related podcast Casta La Vista here.

Likes: Die Hard! Also – boozing and being a hero

Dislikes: cats, seafood and mushrooms

Kieron Gillen

Info: Award winning pub partner known to burst into song and dance if the right song arrives. Most commonly known for his Marvel related endeavours. Read more here.

Likes: Cheese on toast, Situationism, Kenickie B-sides, Monster Munch, Robotron

Dislikes: Things which are not Cheese on toast, Situationism, Kenickie
B-sides, Monster Munch, Robotron. But especially Jamie McKelvie.

Marc Ellerby

Info: Fabulous dancer and party maker- other lover to Mr. Adam Cadwell and incredible artist- you can see his work here.

Likes: Handclaps in songs, coriander, coastal towns in the summer, matt paper, black ink

Dislikes: Tories, most reptiles, Voldemort (hold on aren’t these essentially the same thing?)

Anna Petterson

Info: Lovely lady who reads many books and listens to fantastic tunes. You can read her ramblings here.

Likes: coming soon!

Dislikes: coming soon!

Matt Sheret

Info: Really talented fellow that has done amazing things for the UK Comics community. Read more about him here.

Likes: Doctor Who, being too busy, Lego and music made by people who take themselves too seriously.

Dislikes: Mushrooms, tofu, most shellfish… in fact any food that bounces back. Except halloumi. He loves halloumi.

Anne Holiday

Info: Friend to Kayla Marie and lover to Matt Sheret- couch loaner on several occasions as well as an extremely talented writer- check her out here.

Likes: Home-made mojitos, Swings, Boys with beards, Sh*t stories

Dislikes: Mustard, Overcooked vegetables, Single glazed windows

Clark Burscough

Info: Good friend to Kayla Marie – met in Manchester while eating Chinese Food. He also organizes a little festival called Thought Bubble. You may have heard about it.

Likes: Robots, Dogs, Robot Dogs, Zombies, Comics, Zombie Comics, Pizzas, Pies, Pizza pies

Dislikes: Pineapples, Bees, Pineapple flavoured bees, Licorice, Wasps, Licorice flavoured wasps, Coriander, Potatoes, Coriander flavoured potatoes

Mum Hillier

Info: Mother to Kayla Marie and a bit of a worry-er (within reason). Currently retired with a full schedule.

Likes: To know where her daughter is and what she is up to. To ask questions and then follow them up with silence and a “mom look”- ability still functions through a telephone. Books, wine, The Young and the Restless.

Dislikes: Her daughter moving across an ocean, her daughter not contacting her for a few days, being late.

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